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Keep your home secure and well ventilated with attractive and virtually unbreakable Diamond Security Screens for your windows.

At first glance Prowler Proof’s Diamond designs look similar to other security screens. But have a closer look. You’ll soon notice that there are no visible joints – it looks and feels like the security screen is made in one piece.

diamond security screen product

Which is not far from the truth. Prowler Proof’s security screens are not held together by screws or rivets, they are welded. This adds strength… and good looks.

You can choose between the Small Diamond and the Large Diamond designs. Both are secure and economical – Small Diamond marginally more secure, Large Diamond marginally more economical. Both options are available as SnapLock – a unique production process that makes it possible to choose any colour frame to match a black mesh. Looks fantastic!

No matter which style and colour you prefer, you have a wide range of manufactured options to choose from.

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 Diamond designs product sheet (2291 KB)

diamond security screen mesh diamond security screen performance

Welded Diamond

diamond security screen welded large

Large -
Welded Large Diamond is our most popular style.

diamond security screen welded small

Small -
With smaller openings in the mesh, Welded Small.

SnapLock Diamond

diamond security screen snaplock large

Large -
With the same performance as Welded Large.

diamond security screen smaplock small

Small -
Smaller openings in the mesh make SnapLock Small.

diamond security door cross brace

Cross brace^ -
A cross brace can be used to complement the looks of your home. Choose between black or colour matched to the frame. The cross brace can be in any position you like and does not affect the strength of a Prowler Proof Diamond window security screen.

diamond security screen mullion

Mullion^ -
A mullion serves the same purpose as the cross brace…whatever suits your home better is the one to choose. The mullion can either be colour matched to the frame or black. The mullion can be in any position you like and does not affect the strength of a Prowler Proof Diamond window security screen.

diamond security screen hopper hatch

Petway hopper hatch* -
The Petway hopper hatch is made of UV stabilised plastic and the opening is 114 mm high x 110 mm wide. It’s available in black and white.

diamond security screen porthole

Prowler Proof porthole*^ -
The Prowler Proof porthole is 120 mm high x 210 mm wide. The frame is fully welded and the opening is covered by a high quality fibreglass gauze. The Prowler Proof porthole is colour matched to the window security screen frame.

* Please note window screens with a hopper hatch or a porthole do not satisfy the Australian Standard AS 5039 for security. ^ Not available for SnapLock products.

Fly Screens

All Prowler Proof Diamond security screens come with a high quality fibreglass fly screen. But you can take it even further. Aluminium or stainless steel fly screens offer extra strength as well as protection from bushfire. A micro fibreglass fly screen will keep out even the smallest flys. And our pet safe polyester mesh is an economical solution if your pet likes to test the strength of the mesh with its claws. There’s even a privacy mesh for Welded Diamond window security screens – black or colour matched to the frame.

Security Screen Colours

All Prowler Proof Diamond security screens come in 50 standard colours and another 250 optional colours. There is no extra delivery time and only a small premium on optional colours. Check out the standard colours below or for more options please download the complete colour charts below -

 Dulux colour selector (1106 KB)

 Dulux exterior residential powder coating colours (1703 KB)

 Duratec® X15 colour card (1112 KB)

 Fluroset® X25 colour card (851 KB)

diamond security screen colours

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